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Month: June, 2013


Cornerstone Clinic physician, Dr. Matt Sellers, came out in favor of the six week abortion ban which also included state sanctioned rape. This physician is supposed to be a man of science, but is unabashedly in favor of a pro-birth agenda.

Today the clinic manager explained to me that all of their doctors were pro-birth. He made the following statements:

“We will not refer a woman to an abortion clinic, and we will do everything we can to talk her out of it.”

“We believe that abortion is murder.”

“Weren’t you a patient here? I will have to look at your records.”

When I asked if he was threatening to release my records or make them public, he said no, but that I was in a file. What does that mean? I am a huge pro-choice advocate, and because of that, my prior physician has me in a file?

If this is true, then rest assured, that they will always put the baby’s health ahead of your own. If the abortion ban would have gone into effect, woman across our state would be subjected to these doctor’s religious beliefs that have absolutely nothing to do with science.

Wouldn’t you like to know if your OB/GYN thinks you are murderer and if we choose to have an abortion, they will not even give you a referral or explain that it is your constitutional right. This includes any woman who is told that her fetus has a severe fetal anomaly and is dying in her womb.


Woman Wakes

The coming of fat moons twists me blue and still.
Unclear, rising from bed, I forget. Hips ribs fleshy
I want to feel safe. My tiny palms fitting in my father’s
Hands perfectly. Windowless walls, lying prone,
Listening close to lines. I know why she did it.
I think of becoming a jew or a nun standing atop
A red roof, cackling, I am afraid. Clouds fall out,
Lift towards the sun, warm, as I sit open in dreams,
In a place where barefoot is soft and green. Potions
Fill fainting slugs, I call limbs, pressing me into black
Ground, closer to the pearly worms, truthful tongues.
Pound, pound, feeling memory I jones for will.
Choice becomes bottled wind strung up in white
ribbons. I want my fill. I want my fill.





Senator Jason Rapert (R) of Conway recently made an appearance on the AETN television show, Minorities Matter. He was joined by Sen. Joyce Elliott (D) of Little Rock, Dr. Janet Cathey, and Lekita Diamond-Gaynor, Co-Chair of Arkansas Black Americans for Life.

He foamed at the mouth with his usual diatribes about “murder” and “baby killing.” Then he said this: “There is no other nation that has blood on their hands.” I must ask. What kind of propaganda is he reading with that backwoods outhouse brain of his? Does he really think that abortion is an American Whore sport? Interestingly enough, he recently went on a pilgrimage to fix the Middle East Crisis with his jew hating “Christian” self. The irony is not lost here. In these tweets, he compares the Israeli abortion rate to the United States, and it doesn’t matter that Israel is the size of say, Connecticut. Regardless, the man really needs to hire a Goebbels minister type. He would have never made these kind of contradictions. So now that we have that holocaust reference in here, let’s move onto the new civil war, part deux, cause’ you know, having their asses wupped’ once by the yankees wasn’t enough.


The Teapublicans have this great tactic of deny, deny, deny everything. Including, but not limited to, their myopic focus on women’s bodies. This group of “Christian” confederates loves to say, “there is no war on women,” but during this talk show, Lekita Diamond-Gaynor actually stated that: “the vaginal canal is the new Mason Dixon line.” (13:10) Yes, read this again. Ladies and the real men that love us – war has been verbally declared, and this Feminist heard you loud and clear Jason Rapert. We will not be martyrs; we will not die for your sins; we will not internalize your twisted black version of the God Almighty.

The Faces of Tom Cotton

Turn Arkansas Blue

Shortly after the Boston bombing, Rep. Tom Cotton(R) went on the House floor to make a speech comparing President Obamba”s record on terrorism unfavorably to that of President George W. Bush. The problem being he was selective on what facts he remembered and spoke on. This lead PolitiFacts to rank his speech as “mostly false”.(look for this on the Arkansas Democratic Party web site under news section.) Following this, Rep. Cotton tried to add an amendment to a bill which would “automatically” institute severe penalties on extended families (brother, sister, nieces, nephews etc.), of any person accused of violating US sanctions against Iran. Rep. Cotton would totally disregard American rights under the Fifth Amendment. No investigation, yet you could get up to 20 years simply for being related to a suspect. A representative of the DSCC stated “To call Rep. Cotton an extreme ideologue is not overstating anything.”

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The Faces of Tim Griffin

Turn Arkansas Blue

It has gone by many names, speaking with forked tongue, being two-faced or hypocrite. Whatever you call it, it means saying one thing and doing the opposite. This brings us to Rep.Tim Griffin (R). Rep. Griffin told the people of Mayflower that he would hold Exxon accountable. Yet in spite of several reports Exxon had lied and mislead the public about the extent of the problem, Rep.Griffin voted NOT to hold Exxon accountable. (if this doesn’t take you directly to the storry, it will take you to the ARKDEMS web site-then go to News section.) Why is this a big thing? A recent study indicated High levels of thirty TOXIC Chemicals found in Mayflower, Ar. after tar sands spill. Diluted bitumen contains a cocktail of dangerous gasses that are not found in crude oil. The residents of Mayflower will live with the consequences of this spill for years.…

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Tom “Female Penguins are Whores ” Martin, banned from A Voice for Men for excessive feminism?

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I realize that I may be the only one who’s really all that interested in sectarian infighting amongst the MRAs, but an old friend of ours has weighed in on the recent battles over the A Voice for Men satellite group MRA London, and I’ve learned some interesting things as a result.

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Men Violent Because of Women, Says Man Who Hates Women

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Over on This is Why MGTOW, the blogger who calls himself Cerberus Alpha (dude, seriously?) attempts to answer the question: Why are men more violent?

Rather than attempting to engage with the extensive scholarly literature on the subject, or even making a token effort to do any research on the subject whatsoever, Mr. Alpha instead spins a few familiar manosphere fairy tales into “evidence” that it’s all the fault of those evil sexy ladies and their evil sexy and/or feminist ways.

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On Slate, daddy blogger Andy Hinds guiltily wrestles with his sexual fantasies, wants us all to watch

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In Slate, writer Andy Hinds has provided us all with one of the most cringe-inducing “unsolicited penis updates” since our old friend Paul Elam filled us in on which “fuckmuffin” body parts make his Little Elam happiest.

Hinds starts off by assuring us he’s one of the feminist Good Guys, a stay-at-home-dad who respects the heck out of the ladies:

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