The Faces of Tim Griffin

by educated peasant

Turn Arkansas Blue

It has gone by many names, speaking with forked tongue, being two-faced or hypocrite. Whatever you call it, it means saying one thing and doing the opposite. This brings us to Rep.Tim Griffin (R). Rep. Griffin told the people of Mayflower that he would hold Exxon accountable. Yet in spite of several reports Exxon had lied and mislead the public about the extent of the problem, Rep.Griffin voted NOT to hold Exxon accountable. (if this doesn’t take you directly to the storry, it will take you to the ARKDEMS web site-then go to News section.) Why is this a big thing? A recent study indicated High levels of thirty TOXIC Chemicals found in Mayflower, Ar. after tar sands spill. Diluted bitumen contains a cocktail of dangerous gasses that are not found in crude oil. The residents of Mayflower will live with the consequences of this spill for years.…

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