The Faces of Tom Cotton

by educated peasant

Turn Arkansas Blue

Shortly after the Boston bombing, Rep. Tom Cotton(R) went on the House floor to make a speech comparing President Obamba”s record on terrorism unfavorably to that of President George W. Bush. The problem being he was selective on what facts he remembered and spoke on. This lead PolitiFacts to rank his speech as “mostly false”.(look for this on the Arkansas Democratic Party web site under news section.) Following this, Rep. Cotton tried to add an amendment to a bill which would “automatically” institute severe penalties on extended families (brother, sister, nieces, nephews etc.), of any person accused of violating US sanctions against Iran. Rep. Cotton would totally disregard American rights under the Fifth Amendment. No investigation, yet you could get up to 20 years simply for being related to a suspect. A representative of the DSCC stated “To call Rep. Cotton an extreme ideologue is not overstating anything.”

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