by educated peasant Located in Little Rock, Arkansas

Cornerstone Clinic physician, Dr. Matt Sellers, came out in favor of the six week abortion ban which also included state sanctioned rape. This physician is supposed to be a man of science, but is unabashedly in favor of a pro-birth agenda.

Today the clinic manager explained to me that all of their doctors were pro-birth. He made the following statements:

“We will not refer a woman to an abortion clinic, and we will do everything we can to talk her out of it.”

“We believe that abortion is murder.”

“Weren’t you a patient here? I will have to look at your records.”

When I asked if he was threatening to release my records or make them public, he said no, but that I was in a file. What does that mean? I am a huge pro-choice advocate, and because of that, my prior physician has me in a file?

If this is true, then rest assured, that they will always put the baby’s health ahead of your own. If the abortion ban would have gone into effect, woman across our state would be subjected to these doctor’s religious beliefs that have absolutely nothing to do with science.

Wouldn’t you like to know if your OB/GYN thinks you are murderer and if we choose to have an abortion, they will not even give you a referral or explain that it is your constitutional right. This includes any woman who is told that her fetus has a severe fetal anomaly and is dying in her womb.