Tom Cotton: The Phyllis Schlafly Connection

by educated peasant

Women in the military

“G.I. Jane proves that women can take a beating as well as a man, but so what? The movie shows that she lacks the upper body strength to pull herself out of the water into a boat, a rather elementary test for anyone seeking to be a Navy Seal. The pretense that G.I. Jane could do everything the Seals do is a Hollywood fiction created with trick photography, make-up, and a stand-in for the star. It’s all as make-believe as the scene where her Seal commander talks to her in the shower and somehow doesn’t notice that she’s nude.”!/entry/phyllis-schlafly-complains-only-men-blamed-for-sexual-assaults-against,514f803bd7fc7b5670826341/3 schlafly talking about women in military

Tom Cotton statement:

Domestic Abuse

“The recent PBS program called “Breaking the Silence” is an example of feminist propaganda that men are batterers and women are victims. Among the falsehoods in the film was the assertion that “one-third of mothers lose custody [of their children] to abusive husbands” and that if a divorcing father seeks any form of child custody, he’s most likely a wife-beater.”

No Fault Divorce/SNAP

“Because of perverse incentives, a so-called “no fault divorce” is often followed by a bitter child custody dispute with bogus allegations of domestic violence or child abuse, and the winner can get a huge child support windfall. Usually the family court judge cannot tell who is telling the truth.” Phyllis

“For example, liberals wanted to help the poor, especially poor children, so they created a welfare system with perverse incentives that encouraged the birth of children into poverty. ” Tom Cotton/compare with Phyllis. And I know there is more.

Max’s take: “I can’t help but be reminded of Cotton’s writing about how welfare programs such as food stamps with all their free money create “perverse incentives” for mothers to become welfare dependent. Do you suppose the money that flows from appointment to key oversight committees might create “perverse incentives” to be dependent on and subservient to the sources of the money? Being a man, Cotton undoubtedly would say he has what it takes to resist negative impulses. Unlike women, whose primary motivation in life is finding and holding on to a man (or so Tom Cotton has written).”

Reform should eliminate these bad incentives. No parent should collect money for denying kids the opportunity to see the other parent, and payments should not exceed reasonable documented child expenses. If both parents are willing and able to manage joint child custody, there should be no necessity for child support payments.”!/entry/phyllis-schlafly-and-new-politics-of-family,517d6b07da27f5d9d0b506dd/2


“Far from being empowered in their relations with men, this myth has caused women to lose control over ordinary relationships. Adult, educated women are now demanding that the government (or plaintiff attorneys) protect them from “date rape” and “sexual harassment” in situations that, in the pre-feminist era, unsophisticated high school girls could handle with confidence, knowing that a No would be respected.”