My Abortion Baptism

by educated peasant

Educated Peasant

During the abortion wars in Arkansas, I spent a lot of time on twitter and facebook excoriating evangelical republican legislators. It is was there, that I had my first interaction with Holly Crain. She is a self-proclaimed abolitionist in the state of Arkansas. During these interactions I learned that the pro-life movement has moved farther to the right than I ever imagined possible. It was shocking to read legislators twitter and facebook feeds containing words like murderer, baby killer, and whore. I wasn’t prepared, and I certainly wasn’t prepared for an online debate to melt into my real life. Women must know and understand that the beliefs of

Bart Hester is an Arkansas legislator. He posted this picture, and of course, Holly Crain was there to try and mentally abuse me.

The following video spotlights Holly Elizabeth Austin Crain, and the work she is supposedly doing for Jesus Christ.


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