Senator Jason Rapert (R) of Conway recently made an appearance on the AETN television show, Minorities Matter. He was joined by Sen. Joyce Elliott (D) of Little Rock, Dr. Janet Cathey, and Lekita Diamond-Gaynor, Co-Chair of Arkansas Black Americans for Life.

He foamed at the mouth with his usual diatribes about “murder” and “baby killing.” Then he said this: “There is no other nation that has blood on their hands.” I must ask. What kind of propaganda is he reading with that backwoods outhouse brain of his? Does he really think that abortion is an American Whore sport? Interestingly enough, he recently went on a pilgrimage to fix the Middle East Crisis with his jew hating “Christian” self. The irony is not lost here. In these tweets, he compares the Israeli abortion rate to the United States, and it doesn’t matter that Israel is the size of say, Connecticut. Regardless, the man really needs to hire a Goebbels minister type. He would have never made these kind of contradictions. So now that we have that holocaust reference in here, let’s move onto the new civil war, part deux, cause’ you know, having their asses wupped’ once by the yankees wasn’t enough.


The Teapublicans have this great tactic of deny, deny, deny everything. Including, but not limited to, their myopic focus on women’s bodies. This group of “Christian” confederates loves to say, “there is no war on women,” but during this talk show, Lekita Diamond-Gaynor actually stated that: “the vaginal canal is the new Mason Dixon line.” (13:10) Yes, read this again. Ladies and the real men that love us – war has been verbally declared, and this Feminist heard you loud and clear Jason Rapert. We will not be martyrs; we will not die for your sins; we will not internalize your twisted black version of the God Almighty.